Like showdown, add rooms

PS/Showdown has rooms, most youtubers/poketubers (TheKingNappy, NumbNexus, ShadyPenguinn, etc.) also use showdown for battling purposes, If you watched Nappy’s “Showdown Sundays” (as he calls it), I’m not sure but i am pretty sure the rooms are shown in showdown. I know the simulator is in beta, but in the next beta (or alpha, idk lol).

Basically what i’m saying is I think rooms need to be added for all of those people who want to privately play the game together :stuck_out_tongue: (like me)

thanks for reading n.n

Fewer than 10 people split into multiple rooms doesn’t serve much purpose. 10, the average number at peak activity, barely gives an opportunity for battles as it is. There would be a purpose if a few dozen people were usually on but, as it currently is, there is nothing improved by adding rooms. It’d be like throwing a cut up hotdog down multiple hallways.

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only 2 people are on battle sim with me now. no one is battling

i love your name

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Haha, thanks. I made it for the battle sim where I fully expected people to spam attacks and strategies. It was a pleasant surprise to find that people weren’t doing that.