Lf zorua

Trading Name: Darkwolf

Offer: I just started the game and I don’t have really anything other than pokemon from the route 1 and telnor cave

Request: Zorua… I don’t care about ivs and evs…I just love Zorua

Further info: Zorua or Riolu would be really awesome if someone can help a beginner like me out

sorry man…I wouldn’t want to part with my starter :pensive::frowning:

You can get a Zorua from the Friend Safari. Just search the name “Sanse”. And you can capture Zorua’s their.

I have a long way to go before I get to that town but thank you

Try asking around on discord, someone might be willing to trade you one for free. I’ll be online on discord around this time, I can catch you one.

thank you :slight_smile: … how exactly does trading work in this game?

There’s a detailed explanation included here about trading.

Hope it helps :smile: