LF: Togepi and Froakie

Trading Name: Munnerz

Offer: Can be discussed

Female Togepi with HA and 5 IVs (preferably missing one in Attack) with (if possible) flamethrower

Male Froakie with Protean and 5 IVs (preferably missing Attack) with ice beam and (if possible) U-Turn

Further info: The flamethrower and U-turn are not priorities but if its doable I’d very much appreciate that. Also as for what I can offer, i have a few alright pokemon in my box that are low leveled and such and have access to almost every item so whatever is wanted by who can supply me these, i will try to get.

i can get you a frokie with ice beam, and toxic spikes

that would be awesome man thank you. what would you like in return?

Have organised for froakie but still interested in togepi