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LF shiny foongus/amoongus

Trading Name: hulaunicorns (if i don’t reply dm me on discord @ hulaunicorns#5993)

any one of these shinies (natures vary) // or 2-4 bredmons:

if it’s good nature (bold, modest, calm) I’ll throw in 1-2 iv stones or another bredmons.

Request: shiny foongus/amoongus (bold nature preferred)

do not put the red machamp in the shiny pokemon place

uhh what

if u dont have a shiny foongus please refrain from posting unnecessary comments

ok… just that red machamp is not a shiny… no prob

i am well aware, thank you

Smh hula starting another collection?

lmfao nah its j for another run lmao
smh ario judging my machamp too -_-

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