LF Shiny Dragon types

Trading Name: LF Shiny Dragon types

Offer: Shiny Steelix, Red Lucario, Red Machamp, Red Gardevoire

Request: Looking for shiny dragon types to make a shiny dragon squad.

Further info: Looking to make a shiny squad with dragons, can offer a shiny Steelix or any of the special red pokemons rewarded for beating E4 with out having a pokemon faint. Let me know what u have and if theres a specific shiny you’re looking for let me know and I can see about grinding for one :slightly_smiling_face: thanks in advance

I’ve got a fair amount of dragon shinies, but also already have shiny steelix. I’m not sure if you’ve already gone through and caught all the deltas yet, but I could offer you multiple dragon shinies if you soft reset/breed a delta shiny for me

Hmm, which would be your preference? I haven’t done all of the delta encounters on this current file so let me know. Would probably take me a few days to get it for you unless i get lucky lol.

Would you be willing to trade a shiny legendary for a shiny delta? (if you have any shiny legendaries)

I’m mainy looking for the following shinies: adamant delta aron, adamant delta golett, or jolly delta metagross (spider).

I do have a collection of shiny legends (including reshiram and zekrom) but I would only consider trading a shiny legend for another shiny legend that I really want. Definitely not for a single delta considering shiny legends are worth a handful of shiny deltas

Gotcha. I’m still pretty new to the shiny trading scene for insurgence lol so if my questions seem dumb it’s cuz i honestly don’t know what everythings worth. i can work on the shiny delta metagross, will you take any nature or just jolly for that one.

legendaries are 1 for save file you can get infinite deltas on a save file
therefore legendaries are worth more

I mean I’ll definitely accept any nature, but that would also affect how many shinies you get in return from me. My non-legend shiny dragons all have their best natures, so you’d get more in return if you do end up guaranteeing the jolly nature through using a jolly nature synchronize pokemon at the front of the party or using an everstone while breeding.

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right on man. i’ll keep you posted like i said could take me a few days but i’ll let you know if i can get one. got lucky earlier and found a shiny Druddigon after like 10 DexNav attempts lol

Noice! is shiny druddigon the only shiny dragon you have? That was one of the ones I could’ve offered you, but still have plenty of others to offer as well!

Definitely no need to rush, it’ll take what it takes to find it! I think only shiny dragon I have that will be on a timer is flygon. I promised to trade it to someone in exchange for them breeding me a shiny via masuda method, but it’s been so long I genuinely am not sure if they’re even still trying. If you manage to find shiny d. metang/beldum/metagross (spider) first, then you’ll be able to claim the flygon if you want

Well that Flygon is absolutely available to you now. It was originally going to go to Pitaya since they bred a shiny I wanted, but they decided to back out of our agreement and tried to change the deal at the last second.

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