LF Pokerus

Trading Name: greenation1

Offer: nothing, because it’s very easy to get pokerus mons

Request: a mon with pokerus (can be a bredmon, can be a trashmon, just have it have pokerus)

Further info: my pokerus mons are on my unplayable corrupted save, and I wanna maximize EV training efficiency, so yeah.

Unrelated,but how to get a pokerus mon.

(Apparently there’s a bug with the game where pokerus is removed when traded. Not 100% sure so you probably want to ask first)

Pokerus has a small chance of being on a wild/bred pokemon, but the chances are pretty much non-existent so it’s unlikely you’ll find one. You can also spread it by having a pokemon with it on your team.


P.S. It’s probably faster to ask on the discord if you have an account there.

I can give you a Pokerus mon.

I got banned on the discord a while ago for trading in PM (and later being told the shiny I received was hacked).

Pretty sure timmy meant ask in the trade channel in discord and not ask in discord PM…

no he said “if you have an account there”.

lol Insane, did you not read the rules when you joined?

I’m pretty sure the things you can do with a Discord account include joining the Insurgence server and accessing the trade channel, and not only PM. :slight_smile:

Also I’m still offering Pokerus if you still need it.

I’ll be online with my trashmon 6 hours or so later

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