LF Pokerus/MachoBrace

Trading Name: Blunna

Offer: x1 IV Stone

Request: Pokerus & MachoBrace

Further info: Anyone?

ok :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, do you wanna trade now?

2hr maybe?

okey, I’ll be here in 2 hours, I’ll set up an alarm. Do you have the pokerus and macho brace? If you give me an Indian Ditto with pokerus and holding a macho brace I will give you x2 IV Stone instead :slight_smile:

d ditto?

normal ditto

sorry but i live in US sorry if my name was confusing you but @one_above_all can probably get a indian ditto. :slight_smile:

Ah sorry, It’s okay any pokemon will do then, I will look for a foreign ditto another time.

Wanna trade now?

let me get on

Ok, I’m waiting

tradin is indiananimator

is your name correct?

Yes, Blunna

says the name doesnt xist

Sorry, Its Blusharp

come online

one sec, I thought i could trade from boxes

i can give a ditto with pokerus