LF: Non-Spanish Ditto

Trading Name: Venus96

Offer: Spanish Ditto

Request: Non-Spanish Ditto

Further info:

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Hey, I’m from canada & I have a jolly or Modest Ditto I could trade you! :grinning:

Cool! Do you wanna do the trade now? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yes if you can! Oh also, which of the two Ditto would you like?

My trading name is : Epsilom 317

I’ll take the modest one. My trading name is: Venus96

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I got to the trading screen & selected yes to trade But it didn’t do anything for me.

Did the same thing happen to you or not?

If it didn’t work, we could try it again!

Really? I did get your Ditto. OT: Michelle, right?

If you didn’t get mine I can catch another one for you, give me a few minutes and I’ll get to you again.

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Ok! & yes, that’s my in-game name.

I’m ready!

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Thank you very very much for the Ditto! :joy: :music:

Thank you too! :smile:

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