LF: male delta ralts/kirlia/gallade

Trading Name: metaphysician

Offer: IV stone

Request: A male Delta Ralts/Kirlia to evolve into a Delta Gallade, or just a Delta Gallade. Adamant or Jolly nature, with decent IVs (don’t need to be perfect).

Further info:

ok lets deal. your online now?

Hey, I’m sorry, somebody messaged me on discord and I got a ralts. I really appreciate you replying, though, so I’d love to get you your IV stone. I’m not that far into the game; have any other cool deltas that I haven’t encountered? I’ve heard delta foonguss and delta hydreigon (I forget the first evolutionary form of that one - deino?) are pretty cool; I’d give you an IV stone for one of those. Or a beldum (ruin). Or something else you think is cool.

whats your discord name?

Same as my forum name here.

ok i already add you in discord

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