LF: Lucarionite

Trading Name: DeltaInsurgent

Offer: Dream Mist (x1), Mawilite (x1),

Request: Lucarionite

Further info: I won’t be available 'till about 5:00 PM EST, so expect a response from me then if you want to trade.

Why can’t you get it on your own save? Neither of the things you’re offering takes even close to as much time it takes to get a Lucarionite.

Because I haven’t beaten the game on any of my saves, much less gotten the Scrolls… Dear God, that’s gonna be a struggle when I get to it…

In addition, they don’t take nearly as much time to get, yeah. But Dream Mist is relatively hard to get, and there’s only one Mawilite per save file.

You get one Dream Mist per 7 battles at the Battle Frontier, so it’s relatively easy to get once your streaks are up. Nobody needs another Mawilite on their save file either because everyone gets one.

Then what else could I offer?

Just go through the game yourself. Given that you’d have to pay something equivalent to the time needed to get the Mega Stone (unless someone has multiple saves which they don’t plan on using it in) you might as well do it yourself.

Do you have a guide on exactly how to do all the puzzles then?

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