LF Hustle Nidoran (Male)

Trading Name: Zolias

Offer: Well, I do have this Beedrill that I’m not using with decent IV’s…

Request: Nidoran (Male) w/ Hustle Ability.

Further info: Would appreciate having it taught Ice Beam and Sludge Wave. Lv 1 preferred, but not against a little higher…

IV’s preferrably 31 in Sp.A & Speed, but not too nitpicky; if you can get all 6 at 20+, I won’t complain.

If you want to EV train it, I’m going for 252 Sp.A, 252 Spd, 4 HP. Otherwise, I can enjoy the fun of grinding what I want if you can leave me a good route to EV train it in. (I’m really not being sarcastic, either; I find the work put into something like this enjoyable). Oh yeah, Pokerus would be nice, as well (if it’s in the game, that is.)

Want a certain nature? I can get you a modest one

I forgot I didn’t mention that; I’d prefer timid, if that’s possible

I have done it but how do i get sludge wave on nidoran?
the one with only icebeam is 5IVs with semi perfect hp IVs
Username: Gustavo12231

If you can’t do Sludge Wave, Sludge Bomb will work, as well… thanks. Just gotta figure out how to initiate a trade now lol

Press D and select the third option, create or log into your account select trade and write my name

Want a free Torchic?

Thanks, I really appreciate it… btw, any tips where to raise a Sp. Sweeper for the best EV’s? lol

also, yeah, I don’t mind a Torchic… just lemme get something I can trade for it

Always loved the Torchic line… thanks for the gift :smiley:

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