LF: Honedge/Doublade

Trading Name: shui998

Offer: Any Pokemon I can catch until Vipik City (excludes the starter ;D ) I think I can offer a Delta Muk and Delta Scyther too… Request: Honedge/Doublade

Further info: Yeaaah I know it’s not very helpful for you, you would make me a big favour… Nature isn’t so important (adamant would be really nice) I really want an Aegislash for my team :smiley: I hope that I can offer you something you want … Thank you

I can get you one and hopefully we can match our times online. When will you be on?

In the next 4hours, it’s possible to be on regularly… You only have to tell me the time… And what you want ;D

Thank you very much :)))

Is it possible to trade a Dusk Stone… I don’t know much it’s worth (Heart scales?^^)

Give me an hour or so, I’ll reply again when I’m ready. And I don’t really mind trading whatever, just trade with a trashmon (I can get a dusk stone from the dep. store)

I’ve got your honedge. Discord?

Hope he has a good nature, but doesn’t matter :smiley: When is it possible to trade?

I can trade now. My trading name is timmy_kimmy_

Let’s go :wink: Thank you very much

What is your trading name…? Pls

It’s timmy_kimmy_

You’re not online…

Sorry its not connecting, I’ll reply again when I can get online.

Okay ;D I’ll wait :peace:

Forgot to update sorry about that, I’m online now.

Me too… In 30seconds


Wow… Thank you very much! That’s a really good one

No problem

Can I offer you a heart scale? I prepared a trashmon with a scale for you, but it was in the box… I thought that I could trade Pokemons from the box…

Nah don’t worry about it, I have enough heart scales, and really, it doesn’t take that long to breed that.