LF: Ground-type; FT: Synchronizers

Trading Name: KingDogbertXIV

Offer: I’m offering a handful of Kirlia Synchronizers with good Natures.

Request: I need a non-Mega Ground-type with a decent Ground move.

Further info: Upon learning that my Gligar couldn’t learn Earthquake, I panicked. My team is Clawitzer, Mega Eevee, D. Gallade, Tangrowth, Conkeldurr, and Ground-type. I JUST used Torterra, so he’s out. The Earthquake TM doesn’t exist yet, so my options are limited.

I can give you one for one iv stone. How does garchomp with fire blast and earthquake sound?

I’m looking for IV Stones now.




I’ll bark when I find the stone.

Blind curiosity: How valued is an EV/IV trained HA Spiritomb with the Mega Stone?

I’ll try to get 4iv on it, but no guarantee.

Found an IV Stone.

Meet me on Discord.

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