LF Girafarigite

Trading Name: MOOO Offer:IV stones and 6 IV pokemon,shiny Gulpin and Gastrodon

Request: Girafarigite

Further info: I would enjoy using a Mega Girafarig.I am already breeding for one.

what do you want for your shiny gastrodon (girafarigite and…?)? I think a shiny is more worth than the girafarigite

considering the rng needed to get a girafarigite …

I have a girafarigite that I don’t use. (Fun fact, got it on my first try, ha!)

I’ll be happy to trade it for what you’re offering.

You can have mine for 100% free

Shui,I only want Girafarigite. Tell me when you can trade.

I’m offering it to you… for free…

Unless you really want to give me all of that stuff?

Me or cow?

cows free girafarigite deal sounds nice, doesn’t it? it’s okay for me, if you take his free one…

unless you want to trade it with me, I would be ready… ;D

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