LF Gible, D. Axew, Kadabra

Trading Name: Teslaite

Offer: Delta Charmeleon, Delta Grimer, Delta Dwebble(Cake)

Request: Gible/Gabite, Delta Axew, Kadabra, or any of the pokemon who evolve by trading.

Further info: Also considering any Dragon types just let me know what you have. Thanks! :innocent:

Do you want the trading evolutions because they will evolve? if so you can go to the black market and ask the witch doctor to evolve these pokemon if they have the right conditions set onto them (like an item)

Yeah I was reading that on the wiki lol just not to that part yet. Also just looking to build a dragon team, got a Delta Snivy last night in the wonder trade which was awesome lol.

I can get the gible and delta axew, what pokemon in return will i get? Also do you have a delta ditto not from usa? Ill gather the pokemon when i see you reply :+1:

Don’t have a delta ditto. I can offer a delta larvesta/delta dwebble/delta scyther just let me know if you’re interested in either one. (Honestly I would rather have the Gible so whichever one you’ll take for that)

Ill get the gible for you and take the delta dwebble, id also be fine with a farfetch’d if you would rather get one of those for me. Also gible is a trade pokemon, so what level would you want it to be?

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any level is fine. And just to clarify it’s the cake version of Delta Dwebble not the berry version.

ok thats fine, ill get the gible i should be ready in a few minutes

Trainer: death2519

ok im ready, do you want to do the trade now

adding you now

send me a trade request i’ll have the Dwebble with me, ign is Teslaite

sorry im back, are you fine with rn

Lol I feel like we keep missing each other. I’ll be back on a little bit later tonight if you can make it happen

i should be on at around 8pm-9:47pm central daylight time, i should be on by 9 definitely, and most likely 8:30, ill keep the window open so message when

Sounds good man thank you, I’m also in central time.

hey dude im back, i fell asleep ._.

Ill be free for like 20 more min, ill be ev training so im ready anytime

u gonna be on today lol?
I’ll keep my dwebble in my party in case i catch you on

you want to do the trade in around 20 min?

Yessir i;m on right now!

ello, ill be on for 50 min