Lf ferroseed/ferrothorn

Trading Name: duckling

Offer: gratitude/trash mon

Request: ferroseed (defensive iv/ev if pos and nature cuts speed, leech seed, spikes, stealth rock moves if possible aswell)

Further info: i will accept and be happy for any ferroseed but the above would be amazing!

I have a ferroseed like that.

I just don’t have the right nature.

uhh ill take it and ill be very happy :smiley:


just need ur trade name and im ready on ur go m8 :smiley:

My trade name is



on more time

w8ing screen :S

do we need to go at the same time or? :stuck_out_tongue:

i think so.

on your go

go :smiley:

on your go.

go :slight_smile: i just gotta press ur name so ill w8 10 sec i guess :slight_smile:

I’m going to soft reset.

kk :slight_smile: u gettin to the waiting screen aswell or? :slight_smile:


I also got the waiting screen

on your go

go :slight_smile:

now im gettin u not online :S