LF Female Froakie

Trading Name: Waser

Offer: Murkrow or Purrloin Request: Female Froakie Further info: I want a Froakie or any evolutive stage with Protean (I don’t care for the nature if is female) Murkrow and Purrloin have the Hidden ability and I have them with the natures: Adamant, Jolly, Modest and Timid. Also I’ll send a iv stone.

i cant trade rn but i have a female froakie i can trade

ok can trade with you, i would take purrloin with the iv stone

I can send you a 3iv protean Froakie if you want, for the purrloin + iv stone

What nature? and Can you wait five minutes?

its a female timid nature

when tms come out it will be really good as it can learn tms such as blizzard which are special moves

Ok, trade name

drakenpal, turning the game back on, give me a sec

do you want a sassy or a timid nature frogadier? both are female

Timid if is possible, I care more for protean

servers are down http://prntscr.com/c2hdwt

can you get online?

But i’m online

ok restarted my game

I lost the conecction, they are actually down

yea :(. we can trade later

try logging in again, it was working like 10 mins ago lol

Will be online in some hours to trade?

yea i can wait 2 more hours or ill be on in 12h