LF: EV/IV Trained Timid Deino with Dark Pulse

Trading Name: Hoosier

Offer: 5-6 IV Stones

Request: 5IV Timid Deino with Dark Pulse and EV trained with the following spread: 252 Sp Attack/252 Speed/4HP Level is irrelevant

Further info: Was going to get one from cow’s shop, but looks like it is closed. I’m willing to pay 5-6 stones for it.

Can you wait two days? I might be able to get you one for four

Sure! I can wait.


I might be able to trade you one in like 2-3ish hours if you’re online then, but if not, I wont be able to trade until the weekend.

@cow538 Are you still interested in trading one for 4? I’m in no rush, just wanted to make sure the topic didn’t auto lock from inactivity.

It involves a chain bred scrafty, right? Its possible i could do it.

I don’t think Cow will be on for a while, so you should probably find another person to trade with.

Ok. It isn’t a big deal, just want to get one before 1.2 drops, looking forward to that mega evolution for Hydreigon.

Well I’m here… It’s just that I never find any time for breeding nor do I enjoy it anymore.

well i’m here so what deino do you need? deino is pretty sucky to breed, no good moves at all.

Just teach it surf and roost when it comes out and put it on a new moon team it’ll sweep everything in the game

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