LF Delta sunkern and bulbasur

Trading Name: Fightinruff

Offer: dont know

Request: Delta sunkern and delta bulbasaur

Further info:I have all the deltas exept those two and I really want them.

I can give you a delta bulbasaur for an IV stone.

I’ll be happy to trade you my Delta Sunkern for an IV Stone.

I have exactly 2 IVstones I can trade tomorrow if you want

I can give you both for free. I don’t really think any non-Legend is worth IV stones unless they’re bredmon.

So when can you trade me?

When are you free? I’ll try to make time.

How about in two hours?Or now if youy can

I can in 2 hours.

OK then I will type here if im ready

So are you ready?

When you are just message here

Sorry for the delay, I’m here now.

Ok wait

I’ll be watching this thread so tell me when to go.

Im ready your trade name is Icy right?

IcePrime oops sorry I forgot to say

Ok thanks

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