LF Delta Petilil (Fire/Water) egg?

Trading Name: Vindie

Offer: ??? Request: Delta Petilil (egg if possible) Further info: Honestly, I am new to the game and I found out delta Petilil is caught on victory road. Id love to actually play the game through with it. I really don’t have much to offer at all, but if it isnt too much trouble I would love one so much!

Can you trade now?

Just got back from a family dinner, if youre still on let me know!

I am! Tell me when you’re ready.

ok! ill log in now

Wait gimme a min I bred the wrong Petilil… :sweat_smile:

lol thats ok, egg version if possible for OT, and hey if you ever wanna battle or anything in the future when i progress im down! is your tag IcyWarlock?

I didn’t know eggs would have the OT of wherever they hatched lol. Anyways, I’m ready, my trade name is IcePrime.

i have no idea but im still very happy! thank you so much, if you ever need anything let me know, i also have ORAS on 3ds and ive actually completed that pokedex if you ever wanna trade i can actually offer things on that lol

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Haha I don’t play ORAS, but thanks for the offer. If you need any bred deltas, let me know. :slight_smile:

sure! i mean… maybe a fire type of some sort… if thats not too much to ask, my poor boyfriend, im trying to introduce him to pokemon games and he cant beat the first gyms ivysaur LMAO. told him id try and level him something to help

believe it or not he got a shiny buizel, i can ask him if he still has it tomorrow morning, he was talking about trading it away

Oh no a shiny is too much to ask for! I’ll take a look at my delta box after lunch and see what decent fire types there are.

Oh trust me, hes gonna trade it anyways, he was talking about trading it for a good battling delta dwebble and snorunt (he likes froslass). hes going to trade it anyways so its the least we could offer youve been so nice!

He is fast asleep tonight though, so ill come back on here around like 9 Pacific coast time and let you know his trainer tag

How many hours is that from now?

I’ll breed him a female delta Snorunt and Dwebble then. There are 2 versions of D. Dwebble though, one’s grass poison and the other is normal fairy.

Ah crap no idea which one he liked, its 10 and a half hours from now. I can send him your way by then so you can get the shiny buizel

Alright, thanks! I’ll see him then. :smiley:

Your BF could trade with me in this same thread btw. @ BF, if you want a hidden ability on D. Froslass and/or D. Dwebble, I can do that for you too. Froslass’ normal ability is Competitive and HA is Flash Fire. There are two different D. Dwebbles, one cake and one berry. Berry’s normal abilities are Leaf Guard/Harvest and HA is Chlorophyll while Cake’s normal abilities are Own Tempo/Scrappy and HA is Simple.

When you’re on, tell me which Dwebble you’d like and which abilities you’d like.

Edit: Oh well that’s a pity. ↓

If you’re referring to grohenbaguette on discord, he already traded the shiny buizel for a 5IV snorunt.