LF: Delta Petilil (Fairy) & Shinx

Trading Name: Anh

Offer: Uhm, a random pokemon i guess…

Request: Delta Petilil Fairy & Shinx (could be in egg)

Further info: I just restarted the games, so i can experience the whole thing, but while Im at it, i wanna use some of the pokemon I had b4 just because I like them. Sorry if i waste your time :smiley:

If you want a Delta Shinx give me a few minutes.

You there? I’m done.

im here

Let’s trade. My trade name is IcePrime

i just need to get a trashmon

Tell me when to go.

ok, just gimme 5 minute

That was 25 minutes and you didn’t come. I’m going offline already so we’ll have to trade another time.

oh sorry

im rdy now when ur rdy… but its ok

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