LF: Delta Golett (Closed)

Trading Name: Metabot

Offer: Shiny Gulpin (http://i.imgur.com/41x0FcS.png)

Request: Delta Golett

Further info: I’m resetting my team to have a fresh post-game experience and my current team is too weak for Battle Frontier. I’ve also never traded online before (I do know how to start it) so sorry if I take too long to start the trade.

I can breed that for you and make sure its good.Do you have a prefered nature and ability?

Oh, thanks! I’d like a ATK-boosting nature like Adamant and I don’t really know which abilities it can have so if I don’t like the current ability I could just use the ability capsule :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay so adament?Ill get right on that.Anything else you need bred?

nope, and thanks!

Oh snap the delta golem I had was already adament so Ill need to do is breed for good ivs.Shouldnt be too long : D

Okay just got this bred.Sure there isnt anything else you need a shiny seems to be alot for just this

I don’t really care a lot about shinies :stuck_out_tongue: Can we start trading now?

Yeah we sure can my trade name is Dayday.When you say go Ill press enter okay?

Thank you!


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