LF Delta Froakie

Trading Name: RHBlazedell

Offer: Sadly nothing much just looking to add this delta close to the beginning of my journey instead of in the post game.

Request: Delta Froakie

Further info: If I’m able to I can get items or anything else you may want within reason.

I can give u a delta froakie for free

is there a way to trade before you get a secret base?

Yup, you pick up the dexnav from the shade forest and click the middle right button and then you have to register and stuff like that

Are you available right now?
What’s your Username?

I will be available in like 4 hours

I’m available from after 2 pm EST. Are you available in that time frame as well?

If he can’t I can

When are you next available?
What’s your username?

I can do it tomorrow, if I can find my keyboard and mouse. I can also get you any post game deltas you need aside from the legendary sad I’m going to finish the last Meloetta puzzle soon.

3pm EST tomorrow?

Yeh. Just got confirmation on my mouse, now I just have to find my keyboard.

Thank You.

If able do you also happen to have a Hawlucha and a Trapinch?

I can get both for you. Just ask me if you need anything else.

So when you wanna trade?

Ready now if you are.

So I’m gonna have to connect to the internet, sorry for being late.

No worries

I can do it tomorrow if that’s okay because I’ve sorted everything out.