LF Delta Dratini

Trading Name: BizarreOtter

Offer: Don’t have much, as I’m still early game. Let me know if there’s something early game you want, though!

Request: Delta dratini (straight out of the egg is just fine!)

Further info: Would really like to have a delta dratini for my playthrough. If you have a spare one, please let me know! I unfortunately don’t have much to offer, but if there’s an early game mon you’re interested in, I can try to get it for you.

id be glad to get one for you, would 5pm pacific time today work for you? if not, i can make tuesday at the same time

Today works for me. Thank you! What’s your trade name?


ok im ready to trade whats your trade name

Im sorry my plans changed. i cant trade until next tuesday, same time. im very sorry about this

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