LF Delta Charizardite

Trading Name: Javis

Offer: Don’t have much to offer

Request: Delta Charizardite

Further info: I heard you can buy the mega stone later on in the game. If someone can buy me one and trade it to me, I would greatly appreciate it!

You Online?

Sorry I’ve had a really busy day but I’m online now if you still are

Just a bump. Still hoping to get a delta charizardite

I bought one, you online?

I’m online now.

Okay, I’m ready.

(My trading name’s Ginko btw)

Sorry I didn’t see your reply. I’m ready

'kay, I’m online now.

Thank you! But where’d you go? Don’t you want your mon back?

Nah, you can keep it

(or do you want your mon back? I can return it if you want)

Wow ok. Thank you! I really do appreciate it

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