LF Delta Blubasaur

Trading Name: Britannia

Offer: A IV stone? I’m not sure of the value of the delta starters

Request: Delta Blubasaur. Not picky about Nature/IV etc

Further info: Unlucky enough to have the ingame providers of the other starters both give me Delta Squirtle for some reason

I have one im willing to trade, Id prefer you give a rare candy instead for the trade, pokemon doesn’t matter

Works for me.

Igotta do it waaayu later though because im in school so, expect like6 or 7 Western standard time

Alright I’ll try and wake up around that time, thanks in advance.

Ready and waiting.

just got home: setting it up

All i do is go to my secret base, past the grass patch inside, then connect to the internet right? What do i do after that?

As far as I am aware you open up the dexnav from the menu where you view your pokemon, pokedex and such and click on the link cable and log on from there.


I’m online currently, what username are you using?


After that both of you have to press enter at the same time or the other person must press enter within a span of almost 2 minutes after the first one pressed enter. You need to have the pokemon to be traded in your party(preferably the 1st slot as sometimes you may be unable to move the cursor). Edit: This happens rarely these days.

Click trade the moment you see this post

still says youre offline

I’m online on my side.

Did you spell your trade name correctly?

It is, B r i t a n n i a

still says youre offline, save your game and restart it, ill do the same

Done. You are online from my side as I’m able to start the trade

my game doesnt like me then