LF: D. Lopunny and D. Larvesta

Trading Name: Sevensulkyserbs

Offer: other mons or stones/dream mists

Request: Jolly D. Lopunny and Timid D. Larvesta

Further info:

I can provide both of those, although do you want the lopunny specifically or are you fine with just d buneary

Thanks! Yep, I’ll need it to be evolved into D. Lopunny. What are you think of in exchange?

like 2/3 IV stones since evolving buneary is an absolute pain and they’ll have good IVs. Do you want either/both of them to have HA?

Sounds good to me! no HA necessary, as I have plenty of dream mists if i ever change my mind.

Alright forgot to check this but I’ll get to it once I can


sorry for the wait but I’ve got them ready

Absolutely no problem waiting! haha thanks a bunch! I should be good to trade whenever you are

awesome I should be available to trade until now until like 12 am (it’s 6 pm for me atm)

Whoops, missed your message there! I should be good to trade around 4pm EST and for a few hours after if you’re available

sounds good

Alrighty, should be good to go whenever you are!

perfect my trading name is froggi_chair

Are you online rn?

awesome, i’ll need a quick minute to get my trashmon again, as my computer just froze for a little bit there.

my trading name is same as on here

will be shortly!

ye take your time

did you get the larvesta?

yep, forgot to grab another trashmon for lopunny