LF D. Aipom (or D. Ambipom)

Trading Name: NeutralATol

Offer: anything (read further info, also no legendary mons)

Request: D. Aipom (or D. Ambipom)

Further info: I fell victim to my D. Aipom dying in the early game to its own Curse and forgetting to save beforehand. I am very late game so I can breed any request, even deltas, or I can use your D. Aipom to breed one for myself and return it. Thanks!

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Hi, I have a D. Aipom that I’m willing to part with in exchange for a Deino! :grinning:

Sure does any Deino work? When are you able to trade?

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Any regular Deino would be ok. I could do it right now if you want!

My trading name is Epsilom 317

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sure I am ready

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Thanks for the Pokerus as well haha :slight_smile:

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:grin: You’re welcome!

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