LF Cleanse tag

Trading Name: nmc682

Offer: Any other Delta (assuming I have it)

Request: Any pokemon holding a Cleanse Tag

Further info: I know this is s stretch, however, I sold my cleanse tag and am in need of another. If you are willing to trade, then I am more than happy to give you whatever I have/ whatever you need. Thank you!

I have a spare Cleanse Tag.

Awesome! What would you like in return? Also, what is your username?

You can give me any delta pokemon

My username is Kpopanimelover7

Awesome! I have a delta dratini for you!


im online now! I really appreciate it!

Okay, i’m online too.

Welp, Mine crashed.

I’m going to restart

haha alrighty, ill do the same just to make sure.

okay. i’m back online.

say when your ready.

Ready, I just requested the trade

Thank you so much! do you also want that Eevee? I’d be happy to give it to you


Awesome, ready when you are. Just send whatever haha

Okay! I’m online!

Sent the request

Thank you!

Awesome! thanks a ton for your help!

No problem!