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LF Bulbasaur line w/ HP Fire

Trading Name: SevenSulkySerbs

Offer: IV Stones, etc.

Request: Bulbasaur line w/ 30 IV in speed and sp atk

Further info:

Do you want any specific nature on it?

Ok, nevermind the nature, I just got it with a neutral one.
It has the 30 IV’s in attack, sp. attack, and speed; with 31 IV’s in everything else. This is as strong as a Bulbasaur with Fire HP gets. Just message me when you can trade.


u cAN alWAys giVE iT tO mE iF he doeSNt respOND
Hey, I am kiddin

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Heh… you are neat.


My bad! Ended up having a busy few days haha. I’m good to trade whenever you wish!

Alright, I’m on. I’ll be sending a request shortly.

Cool! I’m on now and can do the same!

'Ight. Trade name is TailsFx btw

Try again

Awesome! Thanks for saving me a bunch of time trying to hunt down the right combo haha

Yeah, I’m actually mad I got that, in like, an hour. I tried to get a Snivy with that exact set of IV’s and I bred for 2 days. I wasn’t succesful.

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