LF: blastoisinite or delta blastoisinite CLOSED

Trading Name: nated, natesd

Offer: 3 IV stones + 3 good natured deltas, numbers negotiable (total should be 6 though.) I can do EV training also, preferably with Sp. Attack or HP being 1 of the 2 stats you want. I can breed for 4-5 IVs, and some egg moves, but no starter egg moves (females are a pain.), or female dominated species TM moves. Chain breeding more than 1 move is more expensive.

Request: normal/delta blastoisinite

Further info: I would like to substitute deltas for IV stones. For competitive purposes, deltas need a good nature to be used, and many of them take longer to get than starter megastones, not to mention at least 8-9 synchronizers. I can’t give: shinx, ralts, muk; and starters are a pain because of all the S. resets. Anything else would be no problem. If for some strange reason you want starter

@pocketmon if you want to continue the discussion we were having about those mega stones. up to you

Farm one more and ask @Lesss. He usually sells it for four, sometimes three

I have them. I’m just being cheap.

zup nate what do you need

delta/normal blastoisinite. I can give you 4 IV stones, or 3 and anything mentioned above.

actually 4 iv stones is my price. i have both in stock.

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