LF: Adamant totodile

Trading Name: SynerG

Offer: I can’t really offer much as I’m early in the game but I could try to catch something for you :slight_smile:

Request: Preferably a totodile below level 30 with adamant nature

Further info: I’m new to the game and spent about 2 hours non-stop looking for an adamant totodile but to my dismay there hasn’t been one appearing :frowning:

I can get one for you when can you trade?

I’m free now if you would like to trade

EDIT: its getting late here so I’ll probably be online for another hour or so and maybe we could trade tomorrow my time zone here is UTC+08:00 so just hit me up when you’re free :slight_smile:

Are you on now?



My trading name is timmy_kimmy_