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LF active pokerus

Trading Name: Black Zenith

Hello, I’m trying to form a decent team to take on the pokemon league, and need pokerus to efficiently EV train my mons, otherwise it takes forever :frowning: I don’t have much to offer currently, but if you list your needs, I can try my best to match them.

Also, any breed rejects (5 IV) would be appreciated so I can get a jumpstart on the breeding process.

Thanks a lot!

I have a few offers if you still need this:

  1. my shiny archeops w/ pokerus for any other shiny

  2. a delta with a boosting nature for my good natured breedject w/pokerus (ex: adamant dratini, mod eevee, mod d. ralts, got a few others too)

  3. my trashmon w/pokerus for an IV stone or dream mist

lmk if you’re still interested :))

Trading Name: ArcFOn84

I`m intersted in the 3rd offer.

I will trade you a trashmon holding a IV Stone for one of your trashmons w/pokerus.

Sure that works, gimme a sec. I’ll lyk when I’m ready

Great, what`s your trading name?

Ready now, IGN’s hulaunicorns

This good?

yes, I`m ready.

thanks for the stone!

Thank you, as well.

Hope we trade again in the future.

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