LF 2 Delta's While Soarig

Trading Name: Shadowslash

Offer: Any Delta Pokemon

Request: Delta Pikachu and delta drifloon

Further info: I found both and accidently killed the delta Pikachu and lost the delta Drifloon to an explosion. I’ve been looking in the sky for them but do to Delta’s no respawning, I gave up and continue moving on. Now I can offer anything, but I only have 7 badges and only 1 legendary thats not for grabs. I hope you understand and when I reach Holon, I don’t make the same mistake twice.

I can give you a Delta Pichu and Delta Drifblim if you still need.

Yes, I’ll take those 2 deltas and you can choose any breedable deltas that you want.

I already have all the deltas so you can give me anything. Gimme 5 minutes to breed the two

Alright I’m done. Tell me when you’re ready.

Do you happen to have one more drifblim?

Yeah I do.

How are the ivs? what do you want for one?

I didn’t bother to breed one with good IVs so if you want one with only 1 perfect IV then I’ll give it to you for free.

okay i can take a drifloon then. you dont want anything in return?

Nah I’m fine. Tell me when you’re ready.

hey you there? it didnt let me message before. anyway im ready now if you are here

I have the 2 delta’s bred and ready for trade.

Looks like your last seen is 40+ minutes ago so when you’re back online can you ping me?

Sorry about that, I’m back and I’ll grab my 2 delta’s.

Waiting for you now.

I’m ready. Trade name is IcePrime.

Sorry gimme a minute I accidentally bred Wailmer instead of Pikachu

Thats alright, I can wait.

Alright ready.

Thank you for helping me and OMG delta pichu looks so cute.:joy:

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