Leveling up

Ate there any good early game leveling up spots I’m new so I need some help

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Once you get to midna town you can buy a secret base and purchase a level trainer. Basically an ace trainer with audinos that only know healing wish


If you are at Midna, you can buy a Secret Base and get a level trainer.

If you haven’t gotten that far, I recommend doing a little bit of cheese.
Get a Ghost type if you don’t have D. Charmander. There is a Gastly in Shade Forest.
Make sure that they have a move that can affect Normal types (remember that all Pokémon in the game use ORAS movepools except for the Deltas because they don’t officially exist. Here’s one for Gastly, buut I doubt you will have to find other ways to level up at this point because by then you probably would have gotten the Secret Base. Hope you chose D. Charmander…

Anyway, the next step is to use the dexnav (default button for dexnav is D but you can also open the menu to access it), next, go all the way to the bottom of the list to fight Youngster Joey. He only has normal type attacks on his Rattata so you can use that to your advantage. All trainers from dexnav will have level 50 Pokémon, so this might take a while, but it does reward you with a lot of XP and a little bit of money.

Sidenote: If you decide to use Gastly for this, make sure to use both Curse and Confuse Ray as they will be VERY useful against Joey here

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Correction to both the above posts: Mechi Town is the secret base town not Midna town.


right, got them mixed up. thanks

Why do these two towns sound so similar in names?

This is probably the most helpful thing I’ve read relating to beginners who haven’t made it to Midna yet.~
So thank you so much. <3 Luckily I had chosen the delta charmander as my starter. c; I thought it looked cool. haha