Level Trainer's Incorrect Change

I’ve been using the Level Trainer and his Lv. 100 Audinos to level up some Delta Pokemon I’ve recently caught in the post game, and I noticed that I can afford way more sessions with him than I should be able to. In fact, only $1800 have been removed from my account (I don’t know what else to call it) when the Level Trainer should be getting $18000. Has anyone else had this ‘issue?’

it’s 180c per 10 levels. so 10 * 180 is right :))

Oh, you’re completely right. I feel like an idiot now. My bad everyone.

no prob, glad we cleared that up :))

Sometimes it feels like it should cost more, ya know? it’s quite overpowered as is.

true, but it helps early game and/or for speed runs, so im kinda grateful its not more xD

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