Level of Rematch E4

which is the level of the E4 and champion in the rematch? 120? or leveled as the first try in the Pokemon League?

The minimum level seems to be 104-110. I did it with my mons at level 92 and that’s what they were I think they will scale up to 120 if your mons are that high

okay. I have my mons 5 around 100 and 1 in 110, so I think they should be all around 110. Any good place to train them?

level trainer and postgame sidequests

where is the level trainer? :open_mouth:

I have done all sidequests that can be done before E4 rematch haha

Level Trainer is in your secret base after you buy him using your tablet. He has pokemon at level 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 and 100