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Let's Watch me SUFFER

Got a request(requested to everyone on forums) by joniks05 to make a perfect kyurem
current progress:
orginal pic

4k res to 192x172 lmao

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Sorry if this is harsh, but that image looks like a corrupted image file


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pixelator just helps me get smooth picture

It seems like pixelator had a hard time doing that

ya i should done 3 pixel in original pic=1 pixel in mine

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its how serv made his perfect kyurem

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That one was less detailed

And even then it looked weird

they used pixalator to get a rough sketch, and then they refinied it


do u guys think this looks good yet? its still WIP

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it looks… better

i appreciate your opinion

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Woah that looks lit

but theres a whole buncha discoloration from the pixelization

it looks like its missing teeth and this fur :arrow_down:
looks wierd. other than that it look promising

ya im fixing tha part

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cool, looking forward to it

soo uh forgot and comp died i have to restart
the torture begins anew
not kidding


pls say yes