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Lets battle

can we battle my in-game name is Uganda I will so win I am available from 5:00-7:00

Due to an endless amount of issues with Online Battling in Pokemon Insurgence, we have come to the conclusion that in 1.2.5, we will be disabling Online Battles altogether. Online Battles will not be fixed due to unreliability as well as the sheer amount of things to be tested to make sure it is functional.
However, there is a battle simulator similar to Pokémon Showdown that is currently only updated to Version of Pokémon Insurgence. This can be found here:

Quoted from the Pokemon Insurgence Discord server

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Except the battle sim is broken or taken down now.

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Oh yes, I forgot about that fact

what about in 1.3?

i think they might be updating it… Because several things like the crystal piece and mewtwo armor and delta haxorus and shadow mewtwo and etc.

They won’t, they have said so @Aren