Lesss' FREE Poke-Stop

Trading Name: Lesss

Offer: Synchonizers, 3rd slot mons, catch mons, pokerus, ditto, 4-5 IV breedjects with 4 egg moves.

Request: Any pokemon that you caught.

Further info: Only 1 request per person, Just post your request, I’m on 3AM - 7PM UTC,

Çåñ Î gé† å ∫ñéå∫él

i can give you herperds kek.:grin:

Are you refusing service to someone?

what kinds do catch mons do you have?

well gallade or smeargles.

Ah…Can I take a look at them?

something like this.

hmm…could I have the gallade?

sure give me a few minutes to breed one.

sounds good

Want to throw a Smeargle in with my order?

I also might be interested in buying 20 synchronizers off you. One of each nature.

btw can you log in and help me transfer some mons.

i have the gallade now

alright, lets trade on discord

Can I get a breloom with either poison heal or technician? Actually tbh I have just completed vipik dump but I want breloom badly.shroomish would be OK too well with poison heal.IVs optional.

sure let me see where i put it.

What do you want from me? And can we trade in game via pokegear? I don’t have what you call discord.sorry! Really new .appreciate any advice.

wait what do you want a poison heal or a technician,

click the “Discord” on top of the page. having discord will make using online features easier.