Length of game. (Sorry if annoying question)

Hi all. I haven’t played this game since it only had up to 3 badges, so I’m just trying to figure it out.

I have been looking every here, in the FAQ, and the wiki. But I can’t find anything on where the 1.1.8 patch actually ends. I see that there are 6 badges, and I want to guess Oranos Town is where it ends? As the wiki has no info on it.

Another side question, but I am a bit lost on the TMs. I could’ve sworn last time I played I had access to Flamethrower, Ice Beam, etc. But now they are missing. I read an evaluation of Delta Charizard and suggested movesets (on this very forum) stating D. Charizard could learn Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb, and Flamethrower. Yet those TMs aren’t anywhere in the game. I picked him last time, and I know I had more moves than Shadow Ball and Dragon Pulse. I mean those are his 2 only good special moves.

Also, here is an annoying question but again I haven’t seen anything similar posted at least in a long time.

But does anyone know what the plans are? I’m not asking “OMGZ whens the next patch cominggg!!!”

I can be patient and understanding of how difficult it is so I don’t care about that. But does anyone know whats in store? More badges? More story? Or is everything pretty much done, they just might add some new features?

Sorry for asking so many questions, but I don’t see any relevant story/gameplay info being talked about recently.

There are now 6 badges you can get. Then at Dragon ruins it stops. It will give you a message when it stops. There are still items you can get though after the story ends with tesseract and stuff.

As for Charizard I’m not sure, I’m on mobile right now and can’t check so easily. When I get home I will edit this if it’s not answered.

No player knows when the next and final update will come out. Honestly, I don’t think the devs do either…lol However we do know there will be more story, more badges and the elite four, and more features.

Alright thank you! I was only asking because I’ve seen many comments saying 6 badges is the end.

As Unique said, 6 badges and ends at Dragon Ruins, along with a message. Oranos Town isn’t unlocked in 1.1 Ice beam, sludge bomb, and Flamethrower all aren’t available TMs in the current patch. You can see which TMs are available in 1.1 at https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/TM_Locations. The next update will be the final update with all the content, including all 8 badges, story completion, and a postgame island (I think). Again, no one really knows when it’s gonna be out, but the Admins have been alpha testing for a little bit.

Also delta charizard can learn lunar cannon and phantom force, by level up, which is useful with it’s mega’s ability. Like you said, dragon pulse is the probably the best dragon move because there isn’t a draco meteor tutor yet (I don’t think). So a good moveset for D. Charizard atm would be: Lunar Cannon, Phantom Force, Dragon Pulse and a fighting or poison or steel type move.