Legends that respawn

what all legends can i catch after faintng them , and where can i catch them

Okay here are the ones I know
Heatran and Volcanion can be caught again if you killed them in the Rose Crater Quest
Heatran: Fiery Caverns B1F, Room 3 (If fainted in the Quest)
Volcanion: Cave of Steam by diving on the first floor

Roaming legends, Cresselia/Raikou/Entei/Suicune, if you faint them, they should be able to be found again
Cresselia (1/15 in these places): Hekate Town, Route 12, Selene City, Dragon Ruins, Route 13, Oranos Town, Route 14, Route 15 after delivering the Package to Persephone (Post game)
Entei (1/60): Anywhere
Raikou(1/60): Anywhere
Suicune(1/60): Anywhere

According to Nir on the discord
He said Mew respawns once if you failed to catch it/fainted it
But this isn’t confirmed (We don’t know so, take that with a grain of salt)

Those are the ones I know of, sometimes you battle beside legends (Lugia when catching Kyogre), But you can’t catch you teammate iirc

do they have any spawn rate

Spawn rate?

I edited my post,
Cresselia’s spawn rate (in those specific places) Is 1/15
Legendary Dogs spawn rate is 1/60

thx… that rates are not too bad

Hey poke, do you have any other shinies besides shiny woobat

1/60 to 1/10
is pretty big. I thought it was worth mentioning


nope i didnt even started shiny hunting any pokemon woobats just random.,anyway i am in middle of class(ZOOM)

Okay goodluck

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The chances didn’t seem to be 1/60 for me lol.


they seemed like 1/3 for me cough, I kept running into them