Legendary Hunting

Looking for some legendaries. Where can I start the quests for:

Rayquaza Shaymin Celebi Genesect Jirachi Victini Articuno Zapdos

Rayquaza: Go to jade tower with Groudon and Kyogre

Shaymin: Save audrey and meet Damian at Erebus Town, starts at abyssal cultist base after you save damian

Celebi: Finish the story and meet Nora at Gaea Town.

Jirachi: Relic Song wall in Mt. Rose

Genesect: Finish Gaea town fetch quest.

Victini: Route 6 after E4 rematch iirc

Articuno: Relic Song wall in No man’s land

Zapdos: Upper Suntouched City relic song

What do you mean by “fetch quest” in Gaea Town? Where do I find it?

Ah thanks fam. Appreciate it.