Legendary form question [SPOILER]

So I caught Giratina and gave it griseous orb, it changed the normal origin form but not the one with omnitype. I tried to see if it only changed in battle but nothing happened.

Also, when I took back the griseous orb it didn’t revert to its basic form and stayed in origin form. Is this a bug ? or is the omintype form not available ?

i think you mean the crystal piece is the one you have to give to giratina

Wait, the cristal piece ? the one I have 3 of ?

yep that the thing

I just tried, it didnt work either. I couldn’t get the form with omnitype…

send it out to battle

Doesn’t work, do I have to do something with the cristal pieces first ? since I have 3 of them

let giratina hold the crystal

that’s what I did

what patch are you on


i think that a bug report it

Ok will do

Is it confirmed that the crystal shard is what empowers giratina? It doesnt work for me either, taking away the griseous orb doesnt revert it back to its altered form either.