Legendary Beast Hunting Questions

Im trying to get all the legendaries in this game, and im having a bit of trouble with the legendary beasts. firstly, do they show up before you beat Reukra at the Throne of Hegemon? secondly, how many pokemon of the specified abilities do i need to max the finding rate at 1/10? any help is appreciated. thanks in advance

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They start to show up after you beat Reukra and subdue Arceus at the Throne of the Hegemon.

for the roamers you need pokemon with these abilities in your party:

For Raikou those abilities are Lightning Rod and Volt Absorb.
For Suicune those abilities are Storm Drain and Water Absorb.
For Entei those abilities are Flash Fire and Blaze Boost.

These abilities stack with one another but each ability does not apply more than once

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Thank you so much! So if I have one with water absorb and one with storm drain, that is the highest I can get the encounter rate for suicune, being 1/10?

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