Leftover Pokemon

Trading Name: diib3

Offer: Various kinds of Pokemon that I have leftover from breeding my own Pokemon. There are many Pokemon that I have leftover in the PC that I want to get rid of and it would be a shame to release them.

Request: Generally any Pokemon with a TM move that’s not yet available in the game (that it doesn’t learn through level up either) or any Pokemon with an egg move. I also accept small stuff like Heart Scales. For the best Pokemon in its group I might ask for an IV stone.

Further info: I have a few Adamant Larvitars (Evolves into Tyranitar) with Curse Sleeptalk (pretty bad IVs on most of them but 2 which have great IVs), a few Bold Slowpokes with Regenerator and Calm Mind, some Modest Togepis with Nasty Plot and some without Nasty Plot (the ones without have better IVs I believe), a bunch of Adamant Huge Power Bunnelbys, a bunch of Timid Gastlys with Sludge Bomb and pretty sick IVs, a bunch of Adamant Schyters with U-Turn, a bunch of Adamant Mawiles (with Intimidate) with some of them having Swords Dance (I got a few with really good IVs) and some Modest Protean Froakies with Ice Beam.

95% of these are level 1 so don’t expect anything awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude i have as much as heart scales you want i just neeh 1 IV stone…i could use a metal coat or 2 if you have…because i’m tired of hunting magnemites

u can get metal coat at helios dept shop 3rd floor i think

realy…?? o crap…can u tell me what happend with fly because i just downloaded the new patch an i have months to play…?i found out about the taxi but expect once i have no idea where to find it again…

do u happen to have 1 IV stone to trade as much heart scale as u wish …?

i dont have iv stones used them one my team but im hunting for iv stones because i have a post on finding a detla pawiard for the dex

with fly what happend…?

fly is the same as the taxi except u dont need to pay but the taxi will be free if u use it like 10+ time

where do i find it…??

well i forgot i think it is a house near a place when u encounter a snorlax when you are using ur poke flute

u meen about findind the taxi ticket …? i meen about how to use the taxi because i can’t find any taxi…

http://wiki.p-insurgence.com/PikaTaxi got to the link u see the photo there that’s the taxi and there willl be a guy in the game around it talk to him and u can ride the taxi it is found in every city if u didnt know

and i mean hm fly

the guy look’s like the guy in the photo because i find him onlu in the city after Helios

i just found hm fly man thanks for the help if u need any heart scales rare candies talk to me

free for u


i need 2

hs or rc…??