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Late Introduction

Hey, I’m Ethan or ezla! I’ve been here for a year, so I figured it’s time for me to introduce myself. I’m a 15 yr old ABC/Southeast Asian hybrid, who lives in possibly the craziest city in the U.S. I enjoy math, and strategy games, so I like to play chess(I’m horrible), and competitive pokemon. I mostly play OMs tho, or try to get cheese to decent levels on the OU ladder. As my profile says, I don’t have a console on which to play Pokemon, so I’m restricted to fangames, and emulators, as well as reading almost every playthrough guide that’s been published. I enjoy competing. In fact, if I was a pokemon, my abilities would be Oblivious, Competitve, and Analytic (HA cuz I’m not unless I get serious). I like helping people with teambuilding and math, though I’m no expert on the first. I’m homeschooled, and a bit of a grammar freak. Oh, wait, I’ve got finals today, cya’ll later!


Kek. Nice learning more about you.
If I was a pokemon, I think my abilities would be…

Truant/Prankster/ Anger Point (HA as I rarely get very angry)

Finally, another grammar freak! Didn’t know that about you. As Gia said, it’s nice to get you know you a bit better.
Also, don’t worry about being late. I only introduced myself after a little over a year.

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