Larvitar and Taunt TM moved?

I can no longer find Larvitar in Samsara Cave or the Taunt TM in Route 6. These were available back in 1.1, but I was wondering if they’ve been moved and where.

Larvitar has been removed and the wiki changed to accommodate for this information

As for taunt, the latest edit on the wiki was today (8/16/17) by rocket and Taunt is in the item list, so it’s gotta be there. Are you looking in the right place?

East of the entrance to Route 7, on top of a rock formation (requires Surf)

Okay, made an account because this is really bothering me… as far as I’m aware, there’s only one “rock formation” on Route 6, where the wiki says it is, and it’s the formation that Youngster Bobby is standing on.

But, while the Protector is there, hidden as listed, the TM isn’t. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be hidden or what. I definitely don’t have it already in my inventory, so I don’t know if it was moved in an update or if some bug is making it not appear… but it is definitely not where the wiki says it is.

I can confirm this on 1.2.2. There’s a post-game legendary but no Taunt TM

TM12 Taunt isn’t in Route 6 for me either (I also have 1.2.2)…