Lag in RGSS Player games

I have looked in this forum and others and have found similar posts but none have any fixes, I would like to discuss my problems in more detail to hopefully find a fix for this. The lag i am talking about is exactly the same in Insurgence and a year old download of Zeta that used to work fine, The lag is mainly freezes/jumps when talking to people, in certain menu’s and when selecting moves in battle (the framerate drops when selecting a move and there is a delay when moving from move to move). There is also a long delay between loops of music, most notable in houses or the pokemon center, there are other minor hiccups and no combination of options that i could find had any effect.

It appears to be some issue with the RGSS player and my System but i used to be able to run the game fine a year or so ago, just to be sure here are my specs.

I am using Windows 10 v1703 Processor:Intel® Core™ I5-4440 CPU @ 3.10Ghz 8 Gigs of RAM GeForce GTX 960

Please if you have any ideas to fix this so i can play this game properly i’d love to hear them.

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I’m not sure if i can bump but i’d really like some help.

There’s no concrete solution to the sudden and unexplained lag as far as I’m aware of, the best you can try is to fiddle around with settings. Links: [1], [2].

This is OLD. But I have had these same issues with a far better computer. and unfortunately I think i have found the answer, and it is that there is no solution. This was taken from a forum response to a similar question about the games RGSS player which is what runs insurgence:

"Your specs are fine. Without knowing what you’ve got going on under the hood, it could be a variety of issues. Most lag-based problems are from what the developer has tried to cram into the game vs the game engine itself. It does have limits! Some common lag causers:

  • Too many events on one map
  • Too many parallel processes firing off at once
  • Too many RGSS scripts firing off at once
  • Too many sprites on one map
  • Extremely large maps

etc. etc. etc.

RPG Maker XP has had its day. I was using this back in 2005. An 11 year old+ engine that had it’s last update almost just as long ago. Keep that in mind while you’re trying to make it all work. Feel free to post a topic on the board with a link to your project if you want more help. I’m sure one of us will get to it, and good luck with your game!"

For anyone searching for an answer to this i fear this is the best we have. If you are getting screen tearing, laggy menus, and general annoyances that shouldn’t be happening on your expensive rigs it might just be because this game is running on a now 15 year old engine.