Lag in battles

Hi, new so sorry if this is a dumb question. The game runs fine for me at all times except in battles, where it’s laggy when choosing moves and the health/exp moves at jagged, frustrating rates. I read somewhere that it was the game engine, but I looked up gameplay and it was fine for others. Anyone know of this problem and if it’s solvable? Thanks for any and all help!

Hi Nicole!

Welcome to the community! I know what you mean about the battle lag. I have the same issue, and while I can’t fix it, I do have a sort of workaround that helps me. Insurgence has a Turbo Mode that you can bind to a key, and using that during battles when it starts to lag really helps smooth it out, especially the health and EXP bars.

I hope that you can find a more permanent solution someday. Have a good night!
–Servant of the King

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Thanks for the nice response. While it isn’t a 100% fix, it certainly helps the feel a lot. I didn’t even realize there was a speed-up feature build into the game, that’s really good to know!